We believe that facts matter.

Our mission is to improve lives by improving public policy and the performance of programs and institutions that affect those lives. We do this by conducting objective and rigorous research, program evaluation and outcome measurement. We aim to improve the lives of the citizens in our community (Richmond, Virginia), our state, our nation, and the world by helping to implement evidence-based programs and data-driven policies. We particularly enjoy working with non-profits.

Our focus at Cambiare is on helping those who help others. We want to help you improve outcomes for your clients. We want to help you tell your story and their stories. While we believe in numbers, we never forget that there are lives behind those numbers.

We believe in collaboration and participation. We value your input and that of your clients. If we don’t have the expertise to help, we’ll find someone who does.

Cambiare means change.


  • Program Performance

  • Outcomes Measurement

  • Data Analysis and Display

  • Research Synthesis

  • Grant Writing

  • Training and Technical Assistance