Experience and expertise…that’s what Cambiare Consulting offers. Below are just some of the services that we can provide.


Cambiare can help your program determine if it is functioning as intended and in a manner that is consistent with the latest evidence. Are you serving the appropriate clients? Are you providing the services they need, when and how they need them? How do others in the community feel about your program? We can help you answer these and many other questions about your program’s functioning.

Programs often lose track of what they set out to accomplish or do not have a way of assessing progress toward meeting their goals and objectives. At Cambiare, we can help you identify goals and establish objectives, and provide you with the tools you need to measure your progress toward achieving those goals and objectives. We will show you how to document and demonstrate your successes to funders, decision-makers, and other stakeholders.


These days we hear a lot about data: big data, little data, all kinds of data. Funders, decision-makers, and the public all demand accountability and collecting and analyzing data is the best way to provide that accountability. At Cambiare Consulting we love data, but we realize that not everyone shares that particular emotion! Let us show you how to collect data painlessly and effortlessly, using systems and mechanisms you likely already have in place. We can also show you how to analyze and display the data in a way that simply and effectively tells your story. And yes, we realize that data is more than numbers: how people in your organization, and others you serve, think and feel about what you do can be just as important as what the numbers show.

We live in the information age: we have more information, on more topics, available to us than ever before. But sorting through all that information takes time, and figuring out what’s important and what isn’t takes experience and expertise. Sometimes you just need to know what’s out there already that works and what’s already been tried that doesn’t. At Cambiare, we can synthesize data and research findings and summarize what the evidence shows about what works for the clients you serve. And we’ll give you a product that’s simple and straightforward and doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist to understand.


These days funding can be hard to find, especially for human services organizations. At Cambiare, we have experienced grant writers that know how to sell your organization to government and private funders. We can help you write grant proposals and develop budget documents. We can help you with grant reporting requirements. And we’re always looking for organizations to partner with to allow us to expand our research and evaluation activities.

At Cambiare, we have extensive experience developing and delivering training, both in-person and online. We can help you develop curricula and content for your staff, constituents, stakeholders, and the media. We can deliver training on a wide range of technical topics related to the research and evaluation process. If we don’t have the expertise, we’ll find someone who does!